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Relocation Services in NJ

What to Look For When Choosing Relocation Services
If you are moving to a new location, make sure you hire a great relocation company to help make moving easy. The relocation services company can help you with everything from finding a great place to settle down to getting your items carefully from one home to another. Gibraltar Van Lines would like you to consider the following when thinking about the services you might want from a moving or relocation service in New Jersey:
Relocation Services in NJ

Full moving services
You need relocation services that includes organizing all your items, packing them up in boxes for safety and then haul them into a truck, move it to your new location. We offer free packing materials like boxes and tape as part of our relocation services. If would like to hire us to do your packing, and inventory, we can do that.  Additionally, we constantly have it in mind that we are working with the belongings of someone else, which requires extra care. We make extra sure that every item from appliances to furniture is packed specifically to insure its safe delivery to its new location. All of our packing and moving experts are trained to insure nothing is lost or damaged.  

Efficiency and skill
Making the decision of hiring a relocation company means you are entrusting virtually all your personal items including the most important ones to someone you do not know.

But at Gibraltar Van Lines, we want to know that we are more than just a relocation company: we are licensed professionals aiming to help you transition into a new phase of life with the least amount of stress.  Since 1973 we have provided our relocation services to people locally and out of state satisfying many.
Relocation Services in NJ 
The risk
There are many risks involved when moving. Items may break, others may get dents, scratched or something sudden might happen or doesn’t work like it did when you left your previous house. Other considerations like damage to the walls or floors when moving in or out so your previous premises might occur. Very rarely, someone may be hurt lifting an object or an accident may occur while driving. All these are some of the risks associated with relocation services and they present high expenses. Use relocation services that are insured, meaning they can take care of all these risks and more if they occur. They should be professionally regulated and registered and have the knowledge on how to reduce or prevent these risks from happening. To stay in business as long as we have, we have had to have all our professionals licensed and insured.

At Gibraltar Van Lines, we offer convenient relocation services in New Jersey.  Once you make a decision on relocating and using our services, we will provide your free quote for the moving and you will start to see the importance of working with professionals.

Settling in a new location
Moving can be exciting and a new adventure for the whole family. But as exciting as a new home can be, we cannot forget the essentials like where to send the kids to school, what are the public transport options, what hospitals or doctors are in the area. To make settling a little easier we have compiled a list of directories for all these necessities.

How to find doctors:
Here is a search engine for medical professionals from family doctors to radiologists. You can search by city, state, specialty, condition and procedure. There are also links to hospital, pharmacy, and insurance directories.

How to find schools:
Here and here are some useful directories that can help you find a suitable, local schools for kids from elementary to high school.

How to find transit:
To find local transit options, a good first step would be to find a major city or town near your new location. For convenience, transit companies will cycle through more populated areas or areas of interest to meet demand. If you move to a small town near a city, chances are you’ll find rail or bus options to and from there. If you happen to move to a large city, narrow it down to the section or borough you happen to live in, e.g. Manhattan in New York City. Then search for public transport online with that in your search, e.g. “public transit in Manhattan” or “subway in Manhattan”.

To learn more about Gibraltar Van Lines, please call us at 1-800-262-3499. We will be happy to take your call. 


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