Friday, February 17, 2017

Luxury Movers in NJ

Yes! It’s time to move into that your dream house or you’ve finally decided to move into that land of perspiration, adventure, and success. Its true moving can be exciting but not to forget how stressful it can be. It does not just require a huge time commitment; it also requires tedious organization and often backbreaking work. In fact, doctors treat costly back injuries at higher rates because people try to save a few bucks by doing the work themselves instead of hiring movers. There has been a lot of misconception and many people think hiring a luxury mover is an expensive luxury. To save money, people pack things themselves and lure friends and family into helping with the move. Reality be faced, when you consider all the hidden costs involved, is this truly a cost-effective choice? Think of the time, friendships, sanity and even money can be saved in many different ways when you let professional luxury movers handle all of the aspects of your relocation. Can you imagine the decadence of a really luxurious move: where you have everything planned on your behalf, no boxes to pack or unpack, and your electronics, computers and TVs all connected upon arrival? The kind of move anyone will love to have, where all you have to do is come home to everything set. Luxury movers will easily offer moving services of the highest standards to clients who are looking to get such. Our professional luxury movers in NJ at Gibraltar Van Lines Inc will organize, schedule, pack, and complete every move with expert precision. We adhere to very high standards and appreciate the care taken in designing a household and approach moving eloquent homes with equal reverence. When planning a move our expert staff considers the complexity and delicacy of every single item in your estate. The highest grade materials in the industry are used to ensure a completely safe transit to your new home.
Luxury Movers in NJ 
Moving is really not an easy thing to do especially when you have a lot of valuable belongings that need to be handled with care. When you are planning a move, you already have a lot on your plate. You already have enough to handle between securing the new home to updating your utilities and other services, notifying your friends and relatives and trying to pack, it can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. One of the best ways to help alleviate some of this stress is by hiring our luxury movers. As professional movers, we have the know-how and equipment to make sure your belongings are quickly and safely moved from your old house to your new house. Think about it: we are experts on how to do the heavy lifting and moving with little to no hassle. Even if you're in good physical shape, moving heavy items can take its toll after awhile. Our luxury movers save you a lot of physical strain as well.

A lot of luxury movers provide things you do not have the luxury of offering such as insurance, guarantees for work, flexibility, speed, and professionalism. In addition to providing labor, efficient luxury movers can also provide you with the peace of mind that your relocation will go smoothly and that your things will arrive on time. You need not worry about your collections of valuable items when you hire our luxury movers; even if you want everything moved and unpacked the very same way as they were before the move. As experienced luxury movers we always take extra care for our luxury clients and their valuable belongings. Moving an elegant and high end household is a delicate process that deserves nothing less than a skilled team of experts who are endowed with the knowledge, care, and experience to handle such a fashionable home as yours during a move. Determined measures are taken to make sure that your valuables from electronics, furniture to antiques are safely transported with no compromise.
Luxury Movers in NJ 

Gibraltar Van Lines Inc has been providing luxury moving services among others since 1973. We pride ourselves with having been in business for decades and will continue to provide excellent services for years to come.

For more information about our luxury movers in NJ, or to learn more about us, please call us at 1-800-262-3499.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Furniture Movers in NJ

Furniture is quite delicate. Your priced wardrobe or office desk may become useless once one of its legs is damaged due to mishandling. Thus, you should be very careful who does the disassembly and moving to get your furniture in one piece at the destination. Gibraltar Van Lines Inc would like to offer some tips on how to select reputable furniture movers in NJ.

Start by first determining if there are movers in your area that are focused on handling furniture. Call the nearby companies to know if they handle bulky furniture and ways they employ to ensure that the furniture is not damaged on the way.

If you are moving out of the state be sure to check the U.S Department of Transportation website for their DOT number or calling the Federal Mayor Carrier Safety Administration. For in-state transport, the information is available in most state government websites. Gibraltar has had a number since the very beginning because we pride ourselves in doing everything right. In fact, it’s right at the top of 
our website.

Ask for quotations from at least three furniture movers. You may as well visit their premises to check on the quality of their service and presence of the trucks and other transporting equipment. When paying a visit, take a keen look on how you are handled as well as the way the questions are answered. Be ready to have the moving companies at home or the office for a survey on your furniture and equipment before making an estimate. We offer free quotes, just call or contact us.

Furniture Movers in NJ 
Once you have agreed on the terms of moving, you will sign an agreement form where you set the date and the time for moving of your items. Be in communication with the representative to ensure that the all plans go as had been discussed.

Teams of workers from the company might come in a day before the actual moving date, to disassemble and pack up pieces of furniture for moving the next day. Be around to ensure that all work is done well. If the weather looks dull, ensure that you know the steps they will take to protect your furniture especially ones with upholstery. Rain and extreme cold may damage the fabric and other surfaces of your furniture.

 A reputable firm takes all appropriate measures to ensure that furniture arrives in one piece and the condition in which it left the other premises. Avoid moving the furniture on your own. There is a high chance that you may damage the furniture on the way.

To learn more about our at Gibraltar Van Lines Inc furniture movers in NJ please call us at 1-800-262-3499. A moving professional will be happy to assist you. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Long Distance Moving Tips & FAQ's

We can never be in the same place forever. At one point in time, there will be a reason to relocate; a new school, a new job, marriage or even a change in lifestyle. While moving across seas and borders is a whole new experience that’s quite interesting, it also comes with challenges common to testing new waters. There is no cause for alarm however as distance is not a barrier for service delivery where long distance moving is involved. Since we at Gibraltar Van Lines Inc have been helping people move for over 40 years, we can provide many great tips and the answers to common questions. Today we are more than happy to be providing long distance moving tips & FAQs for our readers.

You cannot move all you need to move all by yourself, you need to enlist the help of professional international moving company. A professional company will help you move your belongings to your new home and also help you settle down comfortably.

Pick an international company with operations both in your home country and your new location, to ensure a smooth transition and an uninterrupted continuity in the guaranteed service delivery.

Ask questions, you can never go wrong with asking questions. You can ask friends or family members who have had to relocate across a long distance or are quite familiar with your destination country or even its local consulate.

Have an alternative arrangement to fall back on in case anything goes different than planned. Any reputable company involved in long-distance moving has an international reputation to protect and will not disappoint.  Some go the extra mile to make alternative plans for you, just in case.

Be insured. Before you finalize any moving arrangement, make sure there is provision for insurance in case of loss of any of your property or any form of damage during the process of transportation

What’s a long-distance move?
A move can be defined as long distance when it goes beyond 300 miles and/or cuts across state lines

What time of the year is best for a long-distance move?
 A long-distance move can be made at any time of the year depending on the circumstances involved in your decision to move and your choice of destination. The best time is during summer but it can be quite pricey. If you have a flexible schedule and want to save costs, you can make your move during the off-peak time of the year when charges are lower.

When do I need to call a moving company?
You should contact a moving company as soon as you’re sure you need to relocate.  The company will need an advance notice to be able to set things in motion in line with your schedule

How do I choose a reliable company?
A reliable moving company should be registered, licensed to operate internationally and be insured to provide insurance. Gibraltar is a fully licensed, insure and registered company.

Long Distance Moving Tips & FAQ's 
How much will it cost to make a long-distance move?
There is no fixed cost. The costs to be incurred will depend the time of the year you’re moving, your destination and the volume of your belongings.  You can gauge this price by asking for a quote from the company. We actually offer free quotes, so call us today!

Do I have to be present during the moving process?
Yes. You can also have a reliable designate stand in for you to oversee the process both at your present location and your destination. Your presence will be required to take delivery of all items and to sign the necessary paperwork.

For more long distance moving tips and FAQs, please call us today at 1-800-262-3499. A moving professional will be happy to assist you. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Choose a Moving Company in NJ

Moving can be really stressful and time-consuming if you decide to do it on your own. However, the process is much easier if you hire the right moving company. With hundreds of moving companies in the market, you have to find the company that offers quality service at modest prices. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we know the process can be overwhelming. Today we want to offer some tips on selecting a moving company.

Make a list of moving companies in your area
How to Choose a Moving Company in NJ
Find the moving companies that are licensed for your area. You may find the names on the online directories and referrals from your friends and family. Always use companies that have local offices, we happen to be located in Montclair, New Jersey. Local companies are likely to offer better quality service.

You may sort the companies in your list according to the good feedback you have received from friends and local house improvement contractors. Call the companies and inquire their rates and terms of service. On our website we have testimonials from our valued clients.

From the feedback, choose a few companies depending on their perceived quality and the rates. Do not go for the pricing as the only benchmark for evaluating the service. You may look at online reviews or ask for customer referrals to evaluate the performance. The Better Business Bureau is also another area you can check the quality of service offered.

Be on the lookout for the red flags
Do not accept any company that forces you to pay a deposit before it starts its work. Some of the companies are not legitimate. A true, reputable company must also have a look at your equipment of household items before making a quote. Companies that make blind quotes are likely not to give quality service. Moreover, a reputable company has its own (preferably branded) trucks to do the transportation.

In all our years of service, at Gibraltar, we have never done anything shady or that may pose as a potential risk to you. Additionally, we own all of our trucks and vans—each of which is kept in great working condition.

Verify their location and address
Check the location of the moving companies’ who you have chosen. A legit company is the one listed under its trade names with a physical address. Be wary of the companies that are listed under residential names.

Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate and license
The insurance policy ensures that your equipment is safe in the hands of the moving company’s staff when on transit. A copy of the license confirms that the company has fulfilled all the requirements to offer the service in the given region.

If you’d like to see our insurance or see our license, just ask! Since 1973 we have been fully insured and licensed provide our moving services in New Jersey.

To learn more about us or have questions on how to choose a moving company in NJ, please call us today at 1-800-262-3499. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Movers in New Jersey

Six Reasons to Hire Professional Movers
Relocating isn’t always a momentous experience, especially when you choose to do it yourself. What are some benefits to hiring professional movers?
Hiring a professional moving company is a smart decision, not because moving is often a hectic task, but because everything is expertly planned and managed. The whole ordeal comes with multiple benefits including peace of mind, convenience, and affordability. If you are in doubt, just browse the web and read through the reviews at popular review sites. But if you happen to need movers in New Jersey, Gibraltar Van Lines Inc. can certainly help you with that.
Movers in New Jersey
Reasons and Benefits
1.    Your valuables and luggage are safe and insured
The fact that every moving company ought to be insured means that your property is in safe hands. After signing the contract, anything that happens to your valuables along the way is catered for by the company. We’ve been in business for 40 years and have always made sure to be insured and to personally assure our clients that their belongings are in safe hands.
2.    Professionals are well trained and efficient
One common obstacle while moving is the limited allocated period and beating the deadline. Packing everything and moving can consume an enormous amount of time, especially when you hire a conventional firm. However, when you are working with professionals at Gibraltar Van Lines who aren’t prone to delays and who understand the art of moving goods, your property will arrive safe and on time.
3.    You get moved fast
Another impressive feature with professional movers is the number of professionals who arrive for the job. As most of them hire specialists, there’s a team in charge of packing and arranging your luggage, and then there’s another one responsible for its safety on the road. You are kept on tabs from dispatch until their arrival, a factor that offers peace of mind and relaxation. Of course, with such a team, everything happens fast and easily.
4.    The type of machinery for the job
It’s worth mentioning that professionals are revered because of the machinery for the job. Their large, secure trucks and vans are designed to carry all of your goods safety and within a definite period. If you loath multiple trips, then don’t even think of doing the moving alone.
5.    Professionals know no seasons
Imagine battling the icy sidewalks, rolling the snow banks and the ferocious rains on your own. Professionals not only transport your goods safely and efficiently, but they also have the necessary expertise to maneuver extreme weather conditions and to ensure your property is also safe. Don’t forget the insurance and liability.
6.    Cost effective
Doing the moving yourself may save you some cash, but imagine the hidden costs and the inconveniences? There’s the packing, cleaning, hauling and unpacking, and then there are the fuel costs, the time lost and everything in-between. That’s why hiring a professional moving company like Gibraltar Van Lines Inc is a smart decision.

To learn more about our movers in New Jersey and our packing services please call us today at (800)262-3499. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Relocation Services in NJ

What to Look For When Choosing Relocation Services
If you are moving to a new location, make sure you hire a great relocation company to help make moving easy. The relocation services company can help you with everything from finding a great place to settle down to getting your items carefully from one home to another. Gibraltar Van Lines would like you to consider the following when thinking about the services you might want from a moving or relocation service in New Jersey:
Relocation Services in NJ

Full moving services
You need relocation services that includes organizing all your items, packing them up in boxes for safety and then haul them into a truck, move it to your new location. We offer free packing materials like boxes and tape as part of our relocation services. If would like to hire us to do your packing, and inventory, we can do that.  Additionally, we constantly have it in mind that we are working with the belongings of someone else, which requires extra care. We make extra sure that every item from appliances to furniture is packed specifically to insure its safe delivery to its new location. All of our packing and moving experts are trained to insure nothing is lost or damaged.  

Efficiency and skill
Making the decision of hiring a relocation company means you are entrusting virtually all your personal items including the most important ones to someone you do not know.

But at Gibraltar Van Lines, we want to know that we are more than just a relocation company: we are licensed professionals aiming to help you transition into a new phase of life with the least amount of stress.  Since 1973 we have provided our relocation services to people locally and out of state satisfying many.
Relocation Services in NJ 
The risk
There are many risks involved when moving. Items may break, others may get dents, scratched or something sudden might happen or doesn’t work like it did when you left your previous house. Other considerations like damage to the walls or floors when moving in or out so your previous premises might occur. Very rarely, someone may be hurt lifting an object or an accident may occur while driving. All these are some of the risks associated with relocation services and they present high expenses. Use relocation services that are insured, meaning they can take care of all these risks and more if they occur. They should be professionally regulated and registered and have the knowledge on how to reduce or prevent these risks from happening. To stay in business as long as we have, we have had to have all our professionals licensed and insured.

At Gibraltar Van Lines, we offer convenient relocation services in New Jersey.  Once you make a decision on relocating and using our services, we will provide your free quote for the moving and you will start to see the importance of working with professionals.

Settling in a new location
Moving can be exciting and a new adventure for the whole family. But as exciting as a new home can be, we cannot forget the essentials like where to send the kids to school, what are the public transport options, what hospitals or doctors are in the area. To make settling a little easier we have compiled a list of directories for all these necessities.

How to find doctors:
Here is a search engine for medical professionals from family doctors to radiologists. You can search by city, state, specialty, condition and procedure. There are also links to hospital, pharmacy, and insurance directories.

How to find schools:
Here and here are some useful directories that can help you find a suitable, local schools for kids from elementary to high school.

How to find transit:
To find local transit options, a good first step would be to find a major city or town near your new location. For convenience, transit companies will cycle through more populated areas or areas of interest to meet demand. If you move to a small town near a city, chances are you’ll find rail or bus options to and from there. If you happen to move to a large city, narrow it down to the section or borough you happen to live in, e.g. Manhattan in New York City. Then search for public transport online with that in your search, e.g. “public transit in Manhattan” or “subway in Manhattan”.

To learn more about Gibraltar Van Lines, please call us at 1-800-262-3499. We will be happy to take your call. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Long Distance Moving Company in New Jersey

Life would not be dynamic and beautiful without change. Moving from state to state or coast to coast to chase your dreams, start a family or a job is an example of that change. Moving such long distances can be unbelievably exciting but can also turn unbearably hectic very quickly. As you mull over your new life choices and finalize accommodation and new schools you don’t need to add the stress of moving your possessions into the potent mix. Instead you should let a professional long distance moving in New Jersey company like Gibraltar Van Lines take care of your moving needs. There are several benefits involved when you hand over your moving worries to professionals.

Long Distance Moving Company in New Jersey
A long distance moving company brings simplicity and ease to the entire moving process. You can put your feet up and relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of. The safety of your possessions is also enhanced by a professional touch. Long distance moving companies use durable boxes that can go the distance—in the case of Gibraltar they actually provide free, sturdy boxes and tape. Less for you worry about, they have you and your belongings covered. Moving on such a large scale requires equipment like hand trucks and large moving trucks that will be provided. Moving then becomes more efficient and organized.

Before you settle on a moving company, there are some very important things to look out for. Asking the questions we have put together will help you pick the most suitable long distance moving company for you.

What is their track record?
While researching companies, look out for those that have consistently delivered excellent service to customers. Check websites for reviews by past clients and see what ratings they have given them in the past. Friends and family who have had to use a long distance moving company are also a great source of first hand stories which can serve as recommendations. On their website, Gibraltar has a bunch of positive reviews that earnestly call their company great, efficient, and knowledgeable.

Long Distance Moving Company in
New Jersey
Do they have insurance coverage?
Moving your things over a long distance comes with some unpredictability as some unforeseen events might occur. It is therefore very important to find out if they have insurance cover for loss or damage during moving.  An insurance cover is a pointer to the fact that the moving company is accredited and certified. Since 1973 Gibraltar Van Lines Inc has been fully insured, and offer plenty of personal assurance because they care about your items as much as you do.

How do they compare with others?     
Be sure to compare quotes from various companies that offer long distance moving service. Most companies base their pricing on how much you will be carrying and the distance to be covered. Try and get the best deal possible within your already prepared budget. Gibraltar emphasized their personal care, and ability to work with their clients when it comes to the overall cost of moving. Don’t risk setting up your own moving horror story, trust Gibraltar to move with you whether its across town, or across the nation.

Once you have settled on a long distance moving company that fits your needs, be deliberate about your moving. Decide quickly what you would need to move with and discard the rest of it through a garage sale or a donation to charity.  Once you have done this sit-down, put your feet up and watch Gibraltar Van Lines Inc work its magic.

For more about this long distance moving company in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to call (800) 262-3433, or visit them at their website.