Thursday, January 13, 2011


The winter season is upon us. For all of us living in the east coast, we know this only means one thing- SNOW STORMS! It is during these times that moving is very difficult, not to mention stressful. However, it is also the best time to find cheap movers due to the fact that very few people will be moving. If you find yourself moving during a storm, then here are some tips to keep in mind so that your move will go as smoothly as possible.
1. Make sure floor protection is used
Although most moving companies will charge extra for using it, floor protection is absolutely indispensable for a snow storm move. Not only will it prevent your floor from getting wet and dirty, but it also protects against injury to yourself or your movers from slip-and-falls.
2. Shovel and salt your driveway
If your movers cannot move your items with ease from your door to their truck, then the move will take longer. This will, in effect, raise the final cost of your move. It is also a good idea to have at least an extra bag of salt and a spare shovel in case your new home is not yet set up.
3. Stay warm!
Be sure to dress in layers. Have some hats, gloves, and scarves on hand in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. This will greatly help you if you cannot figure out in which box or container you left your warmer clothes. Also, have some warm drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee available. Your movers or friends will greatly thank you and the move will go even more smoothly because everybody is more focused.
If you are moving plants, transport them to a warm area right away. Plants that are left in the cold and snow for too long will not survive. They will not be safe in the truck either because it has no heater and some movers simply will not take them. If necessary, just leave them behind and pick them up at another time or give them away.
4. Protect your wine!
Wine needs to be stored at 55°F. Anything beyond that range will affect its taste, appearance, and value.  
5. Do not overexpose wooden furniture
If the weather is below freezing point, leaving unwrapped furniture will cause permanent change to the color of the wood. This can also happen if the furniture is not properly wrapped (such as in the case of unprofessional movers.)
6. Make sure to set up your utilities at your new home

Make sure to call  your electric and gas companies to set up your utilities at your new home at least a day or two before moving in. You do not want to arrive at a house without power or heat after a long day of moving.
7. Bring extra blankets or quilts
These will help you stay warm during the night in case your utilities have not yet been set up at your new home.
Professional moving companies, including Gibraltar Van Lines, always strive to make their customer’s winter moves as effortless as possible and will often provide many of these services and more. 
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