Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Services in NJ

Have you been thinking about moving lately? At Gibraltar Van Lines, we understand that any move, no matter how big or how small, is stressful; However, with our moving company in New Jersey, you can kiss that stress goodbye.

We want your experience with us to go as smoothly as possible, so our movers in NJ will do whatever they can to help you achieve a stress-free move.

As an expert moving company in New Jersey since 1973, we are staffed with independent movers, and we own all of our own equipment, vehicles and storage facilities. We offer many services including long-distance moving, commercial moving, transporting pianos, moving antiques and delicate items that need to be packed and crated individually.

When you become a customer with our moving company in New Jersey, we will give you free boxes and packing materials, free material delivery, four free months of storage, a free moving guide, a free written estimate and unlimited free carton packing tape delivered at no extra charge for you.

When you chose us as your movers in NJ, we will move your furniture out of your home by first taking an inventory. We will then blanket wrap furniture in moving pads, foam and plastic wrapping before it is removed from your residence.

We consider ourselves to be the premiere moving company in New Jersey, and our proven success over the last 35 years has enforced that belief. Whether you are looking to move locally or long-distance, Gibraltar Van Lines can provide you with all of your residential moving needs and more! Call us today for more information and for your free moving estimate at 1-800-262-3499!

Commercial Movers in NJ

Have you been thinking about relocating your business? Plan ahead with commercial movers in NJ! At Gibraltar Van Lines we can provide you with all of the commercial moving services that you may need.

We combine our years of experience and expertise with quality services to ensure that all of your belongings get transported safely to your new location. Our commercial movers in NJ specialize in moving your office furnishings, files, computers and high-tech equipment, as well as sensitive documents.

Our commercial movers in NJ have a vast supply of equipment to keep your furniture and other items safe during the move. We also use corner guards and masonite floorboards to help protect your new space.

In addition, our professional staff has a general liability insurance policy, worker's compensation and disability insurance, which allows us to have access to commercial buildings.

If you are looking for commercial movers in NJ, contact Gibraltar Van Lines at 1-800-262-3499. Call and get your free estimate today!