Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Choose a Moving Company in NJ

Moving can be really stressful and time-consuming if you decide to do it on your own. However, the process is much easier if you hire the right moving company. With hundreds of moving companies in the market, you have to find the company that offers quality service at modest prices. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we know the process can be overwhelming. Today we want to offer some tips on selecting a moving company.

Make a list of moving companies in your area
How to Choose a Moving Company in NJ
Find the moving companies that are licensed for your area. You may find the names on the online directories and referrals from your friends and family. Always use companies that have local offices, we happen to be located in Montclair, New Jersey. Local companies are likely to offer better quality service.

You may sort the companies in your list according to the good feedback you have received from friends and local house improvement contractors. Call the companies and inquire their rates and terms of service. On our website we have testimonials from our valued clients.

From the feedback, choose a few companies depending on their perceived quality and the rates. Do not go for the pricing as the only benchmark for evaluating the service. You may look at online reviews or ask for customer referrals to evaluate the performance. The Better Business Bureau is also another area you can check the quality of service offered.

Be on the lookout for the red flags
Do not accept any company that forces you to pay a deposit before it starts its work. Some of the companies are not legitimate. A true, reputable company must also have a look at your equipment of household items before making a quote. Companies that make blind quotes are likely not to give quality service. Moreover, a reputable company has its own (preferably branded) trucks to do the transportation.

In all our years of service, at Gibraltar, we have never done anything shady or that may pose as a potential risk to you. Additionally, we own all of our trucks and vans—each of which is kept in great working condition.

Verify their location and address
Check the location of the moving companies’ who you have chosen. A legit company is the one listed under its trade names with a physical address. Be wary of the companies that are listed under residential names.

Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate and license
The insurance policy ensures that your equipment is safe in the hands of the moving company’s staff when on transit. A copy of the license confirms that the company has fulfilled all the requirements to offer the service in the given region.

If you’d like to see our insurance or see our license, just ask! Since 1973 we have been fully insured and licensed provide our moving services in New Jersey.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Movers in New Jersey

Six Reasons to Hire Professional Movers
Relocating isn’t always a momentous experience, especially when you choose to do it yourself. What are some benefits to hiring professional movers?
Hiring a professional moving company is a smart decision, not because moving is often a hectic task, but because everything is expertly planned and managed. The whole ordeal comes with multiple benefits including peace of mind, convenience, and affordability. If you are in doubt, just browse the web and read through the reviews at popular review sites. But if you happen to need movers in New Jersey, Gibraltar Van Lines Inc. can certainly help you with that.
Movers in New Jersey
Reasons and Benefits
1.    Your valuables and luggage are safe and insured
The fact that every moving company ought to be insured means that your property is in safe hands. After signing the contract, anything that happens to your valuables along the way is catered for by the company. We’ve been in business for 40 years and have always made sure to be insured and to personally assure our clients that their belongings are in safe hands.
2.    Professionals are well trained and efficient
One common obstacle while moving is the limited allocated period and beating the deadline. Packing everything and moving can consume an enormous amount of time, especially when you hire a conventional firm. However, when you are working with professionals at Gibraltar Van Lines who aren’t prone to delays and who understand the art of moving goods, your property will arrive safe and on time.
3.    You get moved fast
Another impressive feature with professional movers is the number of professionals who arrive for the job. As most of them hire specialists, there’s a team in charge of packing and arranging your luggage, and then there’s another one responsible for its safety on the road. You are kept on tabs from dispatch until their arrival, a factor that offers peace of mind and relaxation. Of course, with such a team, everything happens fast and easily.
4.    The type of machinery for the job
It’s worth mentioning that professionals are revered because of the machinery for the job. Their large, secure trucks and vans are designed to carry all of your goods safety and within a definite period. If you loath multiple trips, then don’t even think of doing the moving alone.
5.    Professionals know no seasons
Imagine battling the icy sidewalks, rolling the snow banks and the ferocious rains on your own. Professionals not only transport your goods safely and efficiently, but they also have the necessary expertise to maneuver extreme weather conditions and to ensure your property is also safe. Don’t forget the insurance and liability.
6.    Cost effective
Doing the moving yourself may save you some cash, but imagine the hidden costs and the inconveniences? There’s the packing, cleaning, hauling and unpacking, and then there are the fuel costs, the time lost and everything in-between. That’s why hiring a professional moving company like Gibraltar Van Lines Inc is a smart decision.

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