Thursday, February 23, 2012

College Movers NJ

Fall semester and spring graduation may be the business times for college students and parents as they move into new dorms, college apartments, and often times moving back home for extended vacations.  However, September and May are not the only months that students are coming and going.  A number of New Jersey college students move from one dorm to another or even one school to another during short vacation periods, like this upcoming spring break.  While a move across campus may not require a moving crew for assistance, transferring colleges may require help hauling all the school gear from one university to another.  Rather than recruit friends with sporty 2-doors to pack all of your belongings, consider contacting a NJ college moving company.  A local college moving company like Gibraltar Van Lines will save your time and frustration, and provide a worry-free travel in a

Students may start out at one college and realize it doesn't offer the academic challenge (or social life) they've been dreaming of.  From NJIT alone, about 70 first-year students transfer during their first semester.  Of those 70 students over 50% are in-state students, seeking to continue their education locally.  Seeking independence means being able to make choices - and moves - without getting the folks involved.  Why not prove your ability to select a trustworthy college moving company in NJ while making the tough decision of selecting a new university?

When you use Gibraltar Van Lines for your college move, you get a bunch of free offers: firstly, a free quote!  They'll explain to you up front the cost of your move in a free written estimate.  You also receive free packing material.  If you have any fragile, expensive, or just a lot of things that need to go into boxes, Gibraltar Van Lines will make sure your belongings are carefully wrapped, packed and shipped to your new campus in one piece.

Is this a move that might take some time?  Say it's between semesters, but you don't want to haul all of your belongings home.  Gibraltar Van Lines lets you store your belongings for free for up to 4 months in a secure storing facility.  So which do you prefer: a cramped car piled to the ceiling with poorly packed belongings (because, let's face it, we aren't all professional packers), or knowing you'll have your belongings safety shipped to your new college campus by the time you get there, neatly packed by professionals who can help move you in?