Saturday, December 31, 2016

Relocation Services in NJ

What to Look For When Choosing Relocation Services
If you are moving to a new location, make sure you hire a great relocation company to help make moving easy. The relocation services company can help you with everything from finding a great place to settle down to getting your items carefully from one home to another. Gibraltar Van Lines would like you to consider the following when thinking about the services you might want from a moving or relocation service in New Jersey:
Relocation Services in NJ

Full moving services
You need relocation services that includes organizing all your items, packing them up in boxes for safety and then haul them into a truck, move it to your new location. We offer free packing materials like boxes and tape as part of our relocation services. If would like to hire us to do your packing, and inventory, we can do that.  Additionally, we constantly have it in mind that we are working with the belongings of someone else, which requires extra care. We make extra sure that every item from appliances to furniture is packed specifically to insure its safe delivery to its new location. All of our packing and moving experts are trained to insure nothing is lost or damaged.  

Efficiency and skill
Making the decision of hiring a relocation company means you are entrusting virtually all your personal items including the most important ones to someone you do not know.

But at Gibraltar Van Lines, we want to know that we are more than just a relocation company: we are licensed professionals aiming to help you transition into a new phase of life with the least amount of stress.  Since 1973 we have provided our relocation services to people locally and out of state satisfying many.
Relocation Services in NJ 
The risk
There are many risks involved when moving. Items may break, others may get dents, scratched or something sudden might happen or doesn’t work like it did when you left your previous house. Other considerations like damage to the walls or floors when moving in or out so your previous premises might occur. Very rarely, someone may be hurt lifting an object or an accident may occur while driving. All these are some of the risks associated with relocation services and they present high expenses. Use relocation services that are insured, meaning they can take care of all these risks and more if they occur. They should be professionally regulated and registered and have the knowledge on how to reduce or prevent these risks from happening. To stay in business as long as we have, we have had to have all our professionals licensed and insured.

At Gibraltar Van Lines, we offer convenient relocation services in New Jersey.  Once you make a decision on relocating and using our services, we will provide your free quote for the moving and you will start to see the importance of working with professionals.

Settling in a new location
Moving can be exciting and a new adventure for the whole family. But as exciting as a new home can be, we cannot forget the essentials like where to send the kids to school, what are the public transport options, what hospitals or doctors are in the area. To make settling a little easier we have compiled a list of directories for all these necessities.

How to find doctors:
Here is a search engine for medical professionals from family doctors to radiologists. You can search by city, state, specialty, condition and procedure. There are also links to hospital, pharmacy, and insurance directories.

How to find schools:
Here and here are some useful directories that can help you find a suitable, local schools for kids from elementary to high school.

How to find transit:
To find local transit options, a good first step would be to find a major city or town near your new location. For convenience, transit companies will cycle through more populated areas or areas of interest to meet demand. If you move to a small town near a city, chances are you’ll find rail or bus options to and from there. If you happen to move to a large city, narrow it down to the section or borough you happen to live in, e.g. Manhattan in New York City. Then search for public transport online with that in your search, e.g. “public transit in Manhattan” or “subway in Manhattan”.

To learn more about Gibraltar Van Lines, please call us at 1-800-262-3499. We will be happy to take your call. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Long Distance Moving Company in New Jersey

Life would not be dynamic and beautiful without change. Moving from state to state or coast to coast to chase your dreams, start a family or a job is an example of that change. Moving such long distances can be unbelievably exciting but can also turn unbearably hectic very quickly. As you mull over your new life choices and finalize accommodation and new schools you don’t need to add the stress of moving your possessions into the potent mix. Instead you should let a professional long distance moving in New Jersey company like Gibraltar Van Lines take care of your moving needs. There are several benefits involved when you hand over your moving worries to professionals.

Long Distance Moving Company in New Jersey
A long distance moving company brings simplicity and ease to the entire moving process. You can put your feet up and relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of. The safety of your possessions is also enhanced by a professional touch. Long distance moving companies use durable boxes that can go the distance—in the case of Gibraltar they actually provide free, sturdy boxes and tape. Less for you worry about, they have you and your belongings covered. Moving on such a large scale requires equipment like hand trucks and large moving trucks that will be provided. Moving then becomes more efficient and organized.

Before you settle on a moving company, there are some very important things to look out for. Asking the questions we have put together will help you pick the most suitable long distance moving company for you.

What is their track record?
While researching companies, look out for those that have consistently delivered excellent service to customers. Check websites for reviews by past clients and see what ratings they have given them in the past. Friends and family who have had to use a long distance moving company are also a great source of first hand stories which can serve as recommendations. On their website, Gibraltar has a bunch of positive reviews that earnestly call their company great, efficient, and knowledgeable.

Long Distance Moving Company in
New Jersey
Do they have insurance coverage?
Moving your things over a long distance comes with some unpredictability as some unforeseen events might occur. It is therefore very important to find out if they have insurance cover for loss or damage during moving.  An insurance cover is a pointer to the fact that the moving company is accredited and certified. Since 1973 Gibraltar Van Lines Inc has been fully insured, and offer plenty of personal assurance because they care about your items as much as you do.

How do they compare with others?     
Be sure to compare quotes from various companies that offer long distance moving service. Most companies base their pricing on how much you will be carrying and the distance to be covered. Try and get the best deal possible within your already prepared budget. Gibraltar emphasized their personal care, and ability to work with their clients when it comes to the overall cost of moving. Don’t risk setting up your own moving horror story, trust Gibraltar to move with you whether its across town, or across the nation.

Once you have settled on a long distance moving company that fits your needs, be deliberate about your moving. Decide quickly what you would need to move with and discard the rest of it through a garage sale or a donation to charity.  Once you have done this sit-down, put your feet up and watch Gibraltar Van Lines Inc work its magic.

For more about this long distance moving company in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to call (800) 262-3433, or visit them at their website.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Long Distance Movers to Florida

Are you in need of long distance movers to Florida? Gibraltar Van Lines has been relocating clients to Florida for over 40 year with reliable long distance moving services. Our professional movers take pride in providing customers with a virtually stress free move for an affordable price.

Long distance moving can be hectic depending on where you are moving from to where you are moving to. The company you choose will, either makes things more difficult or much easier for you depending on their service, driver, and materials they use while moving you. 

With Gibraltar Van Lineslong distance movers to Florida, you get blanketed transport, delivery and optimal pricing for different load sizes. We handle office moves, apartments, one bedroom and much more. Our clients are ensured affordable prices and quality services for their long distance moves.

At Gibraltar, our trucks are well equipped for long distance moves to Florida. Our drivers are trained and experienced to manage your cargo from pick-up point to drop-off point.

Our services are not limited, we don’t only offer long distance moving basics, but we make sure you get a smooth experience all the way. How do we achieve this?

  • Full Service Moving: We pack all your belongings, load and unload them at your new premises.
  • Partial Service Moving: You do the packing, we load up on our trucks and unload at your new destination.
  • Packing Materials: We offer you unlimited free cartons, packing paper and tape, delivered at no extra charge to you!
  • Storage Services: If you need to move out of your current location and are not quite ready to move your belongings into your new location, we offer up to 4 months of free storage to keep your belongings safe.
  • Corporate Relocation: We offer full range office moving including transportation of your office furnishings, files, computers, and high-tech equipment.
We are licensed and have the insurance requirements for long distance moving companies. Our years of experience in long distance moving mean we have the capacity and skills to take your belongs from your old place and to your new place in the same condition we picked it up in.

For more information about our long distance movers to Florida or our other moving services, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Local Movers in NJ

Are you in need of local movers in NJ? Since 1973, Gibraltar Van Lines' moving experts have been providing reliable and affordable local moving services. From the first box packed to the last one moved in, our moving company is there to help make your move as relaxed as possible.

Are you moving to a new house, home or a new part of town? Are you downsizing or upgrading your home? With many years of experience in the moving industry, Gibraltar has a reputation for being a reliable local mover you can come to when you want a job done well with dedication and professionalism.

Customer Service: Getting in touch with Gibraltar is fast and easy and our customer service team will respond to your queries. You can contact us to consult with our expert relocation specialists about our moving services. 

Costs: We offer a selection of affordable pricing options for our clients depending on the services that you are looking for. You can call us or visit our website for a free moving quote, so you can have a better idea of the cost of your move.

Size: Depending on the degree and size of your move, we use different truck sizes. We have vans, mid-size trucks, and semi-trucks to ensure that your belongings will be properly packed and cared for.

Our Customers: When you are a customer of Gibraltar, we not only offer you a free moving estimate. You will also receive free packing materials with free delivery and a free moving guide for a smoother move. Additionally, if you need your belongings kept safe before you can move them into your new residence, we offer 4 months of storage for free.

We take pride in helping our customers. We offer free estimates from reliable and trustworthy location specialists to make sure you moving is easy and stress-free as it should be. You can relax and have a piece of mind knowing that we will help your moving process run smoothly.

For more information about our local movers in NJ or any of our other moving services, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1 (800) 262-3499.


Friday, November 11, 2016

Moving Company in New Jersey

Are you in need of a moving company in New Jersey? Gibraltar Van Lines has been proving quality residential and commercial moving services for over 40 years. Our professional movers have the experience and knowledge to make your move a stress free process. From your free moving quote to your last box unpacked, Gibraltar will be there to help.

When it comes to choosing the right moving company, there are a few essentials you need to know:

Ask For References

The first step in getting a moving company is to check for references. Gibraltar Van Lines has been rated an A+ moving company by the BBB. 


Gibraltar Van Lines offers our customers a free moving quote in NJ. You can visit our website and fill out a simple form with your information, where you are moving from and to and other information we may need to know. Then one of our professional moving consultants will get back to you with an idea of the expected moving cost, so that you can budget your move properly.


You have to also make sure that you check the reputation of the moving company. Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that might be or any that are made against the moving company. Since Gibraltar has an A+ rating from the BBB, you can rest assured that our reputation holds up and you will receive quality and reliable moving services.

Our moving company in New Jersey also offers free packing materials to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure during the duration of your move. If you are not ready to move into your new place right away or you need to store your items before moving them in, we also offer 4 months of free storage in our storage facility in NJ.

Gibraltar Van Lines offers a variety of moving services, including, but not limited to:

For more information about our moving company in New Jersey or our other moving services, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Furniture Movers in NJ

Are you looking for furniture movers in NJ? Gibraltar Van Lines' professional movers have been providing a variety of moving services for over 40 years. When our professional furniture movers come to your house, they will inventory your belongings, chose the material needed to secure your items, and then transport them to your new destination.

Furniture items are one of the bulkiest and most cumbersome items to transport. If furniture is not carried with care, there are chances that it would get broken on transit. Thus, it is important that you select a reliable furniture mover like Gibraltar Van Lines for increased safety.  

Below are a few reasons why you should choose Gibraltar the next time you need furniture movers in NJ:

Professionalism has to do with how the customer requests are handled and the service delivery until the furniture gets to the new residence. Gibraltar respects its customers and keeps its promise on service delivery. 

Eye for Details 
The focus of Gibraltar Van Lines is to move your furniture with the utmost care. Thus, we keep an eye out and communicate every step of the way. 

Cost Effective 
At Gibraltar, we offer a free moving quote for our furniture moving services so you can have an understanding of the cost before we start the move. We also offer free packing materials to our customers to make sure you have the necessary materials to keep your furniture safe. And if you are not moving into your new residence right away, we offer four months of free storage to keep your belongings protected.

Preparation and Protection of Furniture 
We ensure that your furniture will be packed with care with the finest grade moving pads, special foam and plastic wrappings and plastic stretch wraps.

Your choice of the furniture movers determines the condition that your furniture will be in when arriving at the destination. Gibraltar Van Lines is the moving company you can trust to move your furniture with care.

For more information about our furniture movers in NJ or any of our other moving services, call Gibraltar Van Lines at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Friday, October 7, 2016

NJ Long Distance Movers

Are you planning a move and in need of NJ long distance movers? At Gibraltar Van Lines, our expert movers will move you throughout the eastern seaboard as far south as Florida, and as far west as the Mississippi River. We have been providing customers with efficient moving services for over 40 years. Our experienced moving professionals will make your moving day easier by taking care of the details so you can figure out everything else that comes with a long distance move.

Are you not sure if you need a long distance mover? The simple factor to take into consideration is the distance of your move. If this distance is over 100 miles, than our NJ long distance movers are what you need. If you are moving less than 100 miles, we also provide local moving services in NJ.

At Gibraltar Van Lines, we understand that a long distance move can be difficult so we want to help make your move easier. We offer our customers unlimited free boxes, packing paper and tape if you would like to pack things on your own. Our movers are also trained to pack your belongings, if you so choose. 

If you have a large amount of belongings and need somewhere to put them for the duration of your move we have a storage facility located in Montclair, NJ. We offer our customers up to 4 free months of storage when you use our moving services.

Our long distance movers are also fully equipped to move items from your home that are difficult for you to do so on your own. If you own a piano, or precious antiques, our movers will transport those items with care and ensure that they will arrive in the same state they left in.

Do you have a vehicle that you do not want to leave behind? At Gibraltar Van Lines, our movers also provide auto carrier services. Whether you need your car or your truck transported, our experienced crew have the skills to do it right. We understand how important your vehicle is to you, and we will take extra care to ensure your car is delivered carefully.

For more information about our NJ long distance movers, visit Gibraltar Van Lines' Long Distance Movers FAQs page, or call us at 1(800) 262-3499.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Moving or Relocating? Guide to Changing Your Postal Address

Guide to Changing Your Address When Moving:

Are you moving or relocating? When moving into a new house, do not forget to change your postal address. This change can be done at your local post office in your new location or online through the address page of the US Postal Service, by phone or by mail.

But what do you need to know before changing your address?

  • You need to ensure that you know the correct full postal address, without any numerical or spelling errors. This is something that can be verified either with your realtor or landlord. 
  • The US Postal Service will allow you to make a temporary or permanent change to your address. If you are living in temporary housing or just prefer to spend the winter months someplace warmer, you can change your address for up to 6 and even 12 months. When you choose to make a permanent change to your address, it will be registered in the National Change of Address database (NCOA).
  • You also need to ensure that everyone who lives in your house is added to the change of address form. This way everyone's mail will be sent to your new address.
Options for Changing Your Address:
  • Online
  • Phone
    • Call 1 (800) ASK-USPS
    • You identity will be verified and you will be charged a $1 identity verification fee.
  • Visit Your Local Post Office
    • Fill out form 3575
      • This can be printed from here or you can pick it up at your local post office.
      • When you hand in the form at your local post office there is no fee.
  • Mail
    • Print out form 3575. You can download the form from here for free.
    • Mail this form to POSTMASTER, United State Postal Service.
    • Apple First Class postage, then mail the letter.
    • Expect move validation letter at your old address.
    • Then confirmation letter to your new address from 7 to 10 days after the change of address has become effective.
When you are looking to move, and need a trusted moving company in New Jersey, call Gibraltar Van Lines at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Movers in Morris County, NJ

Are you looking for movers in Morris County, NJ? Gibraltar Van Lines is a professional moving company that provides affordable and reliable moving services. Our moving company treats our clients right, so you can focus on what matters: moving out of your old home and into a new one.

At Gibraltar Van Lines, our professional moving experts have the experience, skills and resources to help you pack and move any size and variety of furniture and other personal belongings. We use safe and secure techniques to ensure your personal belongings are not damaged while being transported. 

Gibraltar Van Lines also provides a variety of great amenities for the convenience of our clients. Our company specializes in moving large furniture, antiques and delicate items that need to be packed and crated individually. We offer the packing materials you will need, such as cartons, paper, and tape. We also offer 4 months of free storage!

Making sure your possessions are handled in a way that maintains their integrity without damages is our priority. It’s the responsibility of our movers to ensure that your items are unloaded in the same condition that they were when first picked up. Our job is to make you happy. We will place everything exactly where you want it and won’t leave until you are satisfied. 

We provide movers in Morris County, NJ towns, including:

For more information on our movers in Morris County, NJ and to get a free moving estimate, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Furniture Movers in NJ

Are you looking for furniture movers in NJ? If you are planning a move and are looking for furniture movers that you can trust, look no further than Gibraltar Van Lines. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we have been providing quality and successful moves for residential and commercial customers since 1973.

Gibraltar Van Lines is committed to making sure your moving experience runs smoothly. Our trained furniture movers in NJ make a list of all of your items that need to be moved, and then pick and choose the right types of packing materials to keep your furniture in the condition it was before the move. 

At Gibraltar Van Lines, we have the skills necessary to pack, load and deliver your furniture. Our furniture movers in NJ will treat your belongings with the same precaution and care, from tables to china cabinets. We provide a variety of packing materials to ensure your furniture’s safety during the move including moving pads, special foam, heavy duty bubble wrap and plastic stretch wraps. With proper protection, your furniture will not be scratched, stained or damaged.

For over 40 years, our furniture movers in NJ have been providing customers with high-quality and stress-free moves. We are highly experienced at moving furniture up and down flights of stairs and through tight passageways. We provide furniture movers for the following counties:

For more information on our furniture movers in NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1 (800) 262-3499.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Long Distance Movers NJ

Gibraltar Van Lines are expert long distance movers in NJ that you have been looking for. If you are considering moving further than 100 miles from your city of origin, you will require long distance movers.

Our long distance movers will be there to help you every step of the way. Our expert packing service professionals, use the appropriate packing materials and will take good care of your belongings so it is kept safe and in one piece throughout the entire move. 

Our long distance movers are trained to handle your furniture and antiques with great care. 
If you need storage while your new home is ready for you to move in,  make sure to take advantage over the free storage we offer to our new clients

Gibraltar Van Lines has been an expert moving company in New Jersey since 1973. We are independent movers and own all of our equipment, vehicles and storage facilities. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we are proud of our customer satisfaction over our 40 years in service and we attentively meet our customer's needs and concerns.

For more information about long distance movers in NJ or for a consult about your moving needs, 
call 1-800-262-3499.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Choosing Movers in Montclair, NJ

Moving in Essex County: Choosing Movers in Montclair, NJ

If you are looking for movers in Montclair, NJ, you need to consult a moving company that you can trust. However, deciding on a company can be difficult – after all, you are relying on another person to handle all of your belongings and memories. The below list should help you to make a decision that you can feel confident about when you choose Gibraltar Van Lines, Inc.

Research and Prepare

First and foremost, congratulations! Moving can be a momentous occasion in your life. Gibraltar Van Lines is well aware of how momentous this occasion can be. That is why Gibraltar has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ company; we know how big this day is to you, and we take steps to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Our movers in Montclair, NJ need to learn about the nature of your move in order to make the necessary preparations, and we will communicate with you to find out about where you are going, what you are bringing, how easy it is to get in and out of your locations (both old and new!) and other relevant information to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Get a Quote

Estimates online often don’t take everything you need into consideration. Unlike many companies, Gibraltar’s online form for a free moving quote is not there to give you a number, but to collect information for when we contact you later. Our movers are sure to get an in-home estimate, and to examine everything that needs to be moved. We are also happy to provide you with any information you need, such as the address of the company, licensing numbers, and an overview of your rights during the moving process. Then, we review the estimate and ask questions about any detail you might not be sure about.


Once the estimators leave, it is also wise to take a few minutes and double-check everything that your estimator has gone over. Make sure you have made us aware of everything, and contact Gibraltar Van Lines with any fresh information so that we can adjust your estimate accordingly!

After the above three steps, you should be ready to sit back and let our professional movers help you with your move. And, with a reputable company like Gibraltar Van Lines, Inc. handling the hard stuff, all you’ll have to worry about is enjoying your new place.

For more information about movers in Montclair, NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines, Inc. today at (973) 746-5700.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Moving Company in Parsippany NJ

Are you upsizing? Downsizing? Side-to-side-sizing? Moving down the block? Across the country? No matter where you’re moving, hire a moving company in Parsippany NJ to help you make a smooth transition into your new home.

Gibraltar Van Lines provides affordable moving services to residents throughout North New Jersey. Our expert movers package, transport, deliver, and reassemble any furniture disassembled during the move. We are a licensed moving company committed to your complete satisfaction. For those planning to move at a later date, we feature free storage for up to 4 months for customers using our moving service. When you need a moving company in Parsippany NJ, speak with our movers for a free moving estimate and expert service.

No man (or woman) is an island, and our personal choices regarding big life decisions should reflect that. Packing up your life requires a lot of work. We’ve all heard nightmare stories about attempts to move independently, without professional help: A chair sliding off the back of a truck and crashing into the street, a beloved box of porcelain heirlooms smashed into pieces, an irreversibly squashed mattress. Learn from others’ mistakes. You don’t have to do it alone! Professional movers will help ease the transition of items, including large, clunky, but much-beloved furniture, and make sure that your belongings arrive at your new home safely and securely.

Our moving company in Parsippany NJ offers services in addition to simply transporting items from Point A to Point B. For example, we offer packing and unpacking services, making sure that desired items are efficiently packed away for the move. Additionally, we offer auto transport, so homeowners don’t have to worry about transporting their vehicles across long distances. 

It’s easy to see that a moving company in Parsippany NJ can greatly assist in smoothing out the often hectic transition period that accompanies a move into a new home. Shattering that box of your grandma’s heirloom china is not inevitable. Cut yourself a break, and hire professionals for all of your moving needs!

Our moving company is available throughout Morris County, including:
For more information about our moving company in Parsippany NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines at (973) 746-5700.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Movers in Morristown NJ

Moving from Morris County or elsewhere can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. Luckily, there are professional movers in Morristown NJ who will gladly haul our stuff anywhere.

Gibraltar Van Lines specializes in expert moving services. Our licensed movers in Morristown NJ can package, handle, transport, deliver, and assemble furnishings disassembled during the move. Since 1973 we've assisted homeowners and residents with the moving process, taking care of the physical move to allow more focus on other aspects involved. Featuring affordable pricing and up to four months of free storage to all customers using our moving services. When planning your move, leave the 'moving' to Gibraltar Van Lines.

There are reputable moving companies and then there are others who just want to make a fast buck. Follow these 7 tips to find a top-quality moving company:
  • Ensure your mover is insured: You want your mover to be fully insured. That way, if a worker gets hurt on your property, you’re not liable.
  • Get an in-person estimate: Make sure that the estimator comes to your house to look at everything they’ll need to move. Some will try to give you an estimate over the phone, but that will likely lead to inaccurate estimates and surprise costs later on.
  • Beware of low estimates: Many time movers give a very low estimate only to show up on the day of the move and spring extra expenses on you, when they know you can’t refuse.
  • Don’t pay a large deposit: If a mover asks for more than 25% of the total estimate up front, then look for another mover. If you pay most of the cost up front, the movers may not come back.
  • Never sign a blank contract: Some movers will try and convince you to sign a blank contract that they will fill in later. “For convenience,” they might explain. Don’t sign any contract that isn’t 100% complete or satisfactory.
  • Watch for aliases: Some companies avoid the eye of the Better Business Bureau by doing business under several different names - we've touched on this in a press release last winter. Your movers in Morristown NJ should have a local address and phone number. Plus, they should answer the phone with the name of the business.
  • Get references: Your mover should provide references from former customers upon request. If they cannot or will not, then you should move on.  

If your mover meets the criteria above, then you can hire them with confidence. You’ll rest easy on the day of the move knowing your possessions are safe and sound.

Our movers in Morristown NJ are available in many areas of New Jersey, including:
For more information about our movers in Morristown NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines at (973) 746-5700.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Local Movers in NJ

Moving is one of the most polarizing moments in one's life. For starters, you can look at the glass half full side and be over the moon that you finally found a new place, a new life, and a new chance to secure your roots. On the glass half empty side, you look around your home and begin to dismay. How did you amass so much belongings? Where did all this stuff come from? Does somebody sneak into your home while you are sleeping and fill your empty space with useless items? But none of your stuff is useless, right? You need to take it with you, but it seems like it's more trouble than it's worth.

Don't despair. And certainly don't leave all of your artifacts, furniture, and memorabilia behind. We have another solution. Contact our local movers in NJ and get in touch with your new property. All you have to do is worry about getting you, your family, and your pets to the door of your new home in one piece. Leave the packing, hauling, and unloading to us!

Gibraltar Van Lines is a licensed, professional moving company helping residents establish a new life by providing expert packing, transport, and unloading services. Our local movers in NJ carefully cushion heirlooms, dis-assemble and reassemble large pieces of furniture, and navigate through tight spaces, curves, and staircases. Our affordable prices and expert service give us a trusted name within the industry, and we're proud to assist New Jersey residents when they need us!

Our local movers in NJ offer hourly and flat rate services, depending on the necessity, distance, and amount of stuff to move. No matter what you need, we can dispatch a team almost as surely as you drop your head in your palms and start wondering how much of your belongings you actually need. Sure, we're not stopping you from cleaning up and getting rid of some items you don't really use or need anymore. But what we are saying is that you don't have to make sacrifices. All you need to do is start building your life. The boxes and furniture is up to us.

Our local movers in NJ are ready to assist you with your move! We're available in the following areas:

For more information about our local movers in NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines at (973) 746-5700.