Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving Company Summit NJ

 moving company summit nj
If you have ever moved, you know that it can be a real stressful and difficult experience. If you plan things out correctly and hire a good moving company in Summit NJ. Gibraltar Van Lines can help you with all of the hard work of packing and transporting your possessions. We provide services for both local, long distance, residential and commercial moves. Whichever of these categories you fall under, here are some tips to help make any type of move easier for you:

  • Find a reputable moving company. Ask friends and family who they used and what kind of job they did.
  • Use clear boxes. Whenever possible, pack items in clear plastic or tupperware boxes. Even when boxes are labeled, it can be difficult to find smaller items.
  • Pack items according to rooms they go in. This greatly will help to save time by eliminating multiple trips from room to room while unpacking.
  • Keep essentials. Make sure to bring your essentials along with you since you will likely arrive before your movers. Other important items should be packed last since they will be unloaded first.

If you would like more information on our Summit NJ moving company, contact Gibraltar Van Lines.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving Company Livingston NJ

 moving company Livingston NJ
We recently mentioned that a recent study showed that more people are leaving New Jersey than any other state. This can be widely attributed to high taxes and overall high costs of living. This could  even escalate as New Jersey may raise utility prices in order to fund projects that will strengthen power grids so that we do not have massive power losses in the event of other super storms like Sandy.

If you are planning on moving out of  New Jersey, it is important to find a good moving company in Livingston NJ. Gibraltar Van Lines has gained nearly half a century of experience in both local and long distance moves. Our highly skilled and experienced movers know how to expertly crate and pack any possessions and will treat them with care and attention as if they were their own.

Many of these people that are leaving New Jersey are moving to places with lower costs and taxes, such as Florida and Texas. We will move anywhere in the Continental United States and even have special direct lines to Florida.

If you would like more information on our Livingston NJ moving company, contact Gibraltar Van Lines.

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Benefits of Living in North Carolina

The job market in North Carolina is steadily increasing, attracting many individuals and families from the Northeast. There is lots of appeal to living in such a temperate climate, uncrowded space and somewhat less competitive market, and there are a great many reasons that once you are in North Carolina you will decide to stay for the long term.

Cities like Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro offer quiet suburbs with convenient attractions such as car shows, outdoor movies and plays, shopping, music and many other great programs to offer recreation and enjoyment for residents. The mountains, coastal regions or simply the suburbs of North Carolina have a great deal to offer, and Gibraltar Van Lines offers the long distance moving to North Carolina that can get you there in one piece – quickly, efficiently and affordably.

If you are moving to North Carolina for business or pleasure, consult with our experts about interstate moving regulations or what you might need for a safe and easy move down South. We will give you a free estimate, free packing materials and helpful advice for any move.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Moving To Texas

Texas is America’s fastest growing state, with over 100,000 people relocating to this state in 2012 alone and even more expected to be counted this year. Since 2000, over 1 million people have moved to Texas – making this an increasingly popular destination for businesses and families. Gibraltar Van Lines offers professional long distance moving to Texas and has helped many clients reach this destination efficiently, safely and with all of their possessions carefully transported.

Some of the advantages of moving to Texas are:
  • Cheap houses and land
  • Generally affordable living
  • Jobs available
  • Low taxes

These are only some of the reasons to move to Texas, but there are many attractions to this state that are numerous and intangible. Nature, climate and availability of property offers middle class families the capability of living comfortably within their means rather than scraping to make ends meet in a more expensive economy.

If you are looking to Texas for your next home, contact the expert movers at Gibraltar Van Lines and learn about our comprehensive long distance moving service. We have everything you need for an easy transition.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Movers in Short Hills NJ

 movers in short hills nj
Earlier this year, it was reported that more people are leaving New Jersey than any other state in the US. They had a higher outbound to inbound ratio than any other state. Out of 6300 movers in New Jersey, 62% were outbound. Things are very expensive and people are moving to Texas, Florida and other states with lower taxes and allow for an overall lower cost of living.

If you are moving out of New Jersey, Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company with courteous and highly trained movers in Short Hills NJ. They will carefully pack and crate any possessions with care as if they were their own. This includes knowing when to individually pack a delicate or antique item. We provide easy moves for both residential and commercial properties.

Gibraltar Van Lines has special lines that go directly to Florida. It is a popular destination and we want to make sure that our customers get their possessions as soon as possible. We will go anywhere at all in the entire Continental United States.

If you would like more information on any of the services that our Short Hills NJ movers provide, contact Gibraltar Van Lines.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Help Picking The Right Moving Company

As you move, you are entrusting the well-being of your possessions and the comfort of a fresh start in the hands of complete strangers. Unfortunately, moving is not the sort of undertaking that most people can accomplish on their own – a moving company is almost always required. Just because you need some movers in Morris County to help you get from A to B doesn’t mean you should settle for the first company to come along. Here are some tips from Gibraltar Van Lines about how to pick a good moving service for local and long distance moving.

Look at reviews. The past customers are people like you who will take note of the services provided and be able to offer insight into what the experience was like. Keep in mind that every company has bad reviews and this is just the reality of business, but look at what these reviews say. Was the issue payment, quality of service or something else?

Try to narrow your field down to three companies. Make sure that these companies are the movers themselves and do not hire a broker – a practice that could speak to poor accountability on behalf of the company.

Get an in-home estimate of what the service will cost. It can also be very useful to schedule a visit to the office of the company to make sure that they are who they say they are. It has been known that some companies will put magnetic signs on rental trucks and steal items during the move, so this research can save you in the long run.

Ask questions about pricing, insurance and know what you are paying for. Do not leave room for surprises on moving day when you are being charged more than agreed because you were not specific.

These tips can help you get exactly what you need when you decide to move. If you want to know more, contact Gibraltar Van Lines and speak with a moving expert about how we can assist you.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long-Distance Moving

U.S. Census data has revealed that the great slowdown in residential movement has given way. Nearly 7 million Americans have decided to move long-distance, interstate, to states with lower income per capita. Why? The lower income per capita is a result of lower taxes, lower housing costs and lower costs of living. In metropolitan areas, such as the Tri-state area, housing costs have increased exponentially more than the economy has. 
One of the main reasons many millennials are moving away from the greater metropolitan area is due to the mindset that it instills. The area creates a sense of spending without saving, and instant gratification is more important than a long term investment. Many twenty-somethings have started to realize that paying inflated rents, expensive dinners, designer clothing and $12 martinis, is no way to secure a steady financial foundation.  
Despite the job opportunities in these metropolitan areas, the competition is greatly increased. With all of the Ivy League institutions being concentrated on the east coast, the level of competition is increased. The concentration of residents in these areas is also a reason for the increased job competition. It is no surprise that there is a greater migration of residents away from the greater New York area. 
Moving these long distances isn't always an easy undertaking though. Especially if someone who is moving out of the area already has a residence. There are companies, such as Gibraltar Van Lines, that are specialized long-distance movers in NJ

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Piano Moving Tips

A piano is a beautiful piece of furniture that brings somber and luxurious tones to any room. Moving these instruments can be extremely difficult, and it is always recommended that you consult professional piano movers in NJ when you are trying to relocate this cumbersome item. Gibraltar Van Lines has over 40 years of experience moving pianos, and we have a few simple tips to get you ready for when the experts come to help.
  • Clear the access ways to the house and make sure that the space is wide enough and free of obstruction if you can. The quickest distance between two points is a straight line, so try to remove any unnecessary legwork for the movers.
  • Go to a rental store and speak with a clerk about any tools or equipment that might help cope with the immense size and weight of these pianos. Any help you can get will be worth it.
  • Learn your route. Prepare for any staircases and other obstacles you might need to get around. How many flights of stairs are there? Are there many twists or turns?
  • Secure the piano with foam and similar padding. Not only are you protecting the outside of the piano by helping with the stuffing, but you can also insulate the mechanisms inside.

The best thing to do when moving a piano is to consult an expert. Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company with many years of experience moving pianos in NJ and we have this process down to a science. To learn more, call today at 1-800-262-3499.