Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Moving From NJ to CA

You’ve lived in New Jersey your entire life. You’ve gotten accustomed to its sights, its sounds, and of course, your family and friends. Or maybe New Jersey was just another stop on your tour of the country and you’ve got your mind westward. Either way, moving from NJ to CA can be a breeze if you choose the right moving company. Gibraltar Van Lines has over 40 years of experience with long distance moves, safely transporting New Jersey belongings throughout the country. Our professional movers are fully trained to carefully pack, load, and unload your possessions using safety, care, and professionalism. California is an large state with a lifetime of opportunities and sights to see. You may never forget the Garden State, but you’ll feel right as home in the Golden State when moving from NJ to CA.

Originally an outpost for treasure seekers, California has a long tradition of gold. This tradition is alive even today, as some of the world’s most famous and influential celebrities, politicians, and global figures make their home along the coasts of the beautiful Pacific. California is much more than Hollywood, but it certainly helps in the state’s attractiveness.

Another appeal for those moving from NJ to CA is, of course, the Pacific ocean. New Jersey is famous for its Atlantic Shoreline, from Cape May all the way up to Sandy Hook. You will feel right at home on California’s beautiful beaches. Along the shore, you can find anything you would find in NJ. You may also find the water much cleaner and more refreshing under the beating sun. Of course, you’re welcoming the new climate as you jump in the car for the cross country drive or hop on a plane to the three hour time shift.

Along the bay, it can get chilly at certain times in California. But nothing like the brutal winters of blizzards and shoveling you found in Jersey. You’ll rest easy knowing a beating sun is only hours away, even if you move to a colder area, say San Francisco. You’ll also find wonderful natural parks when moving from NJ to CA, just as The Garden State provided you all those years. Within them, you’ll find beautiful trees and oases tucked away in the corner of your new favorite destination.

Moving away from Jersey is hard. Still, it will be much easier when you see your first California sunset.

For more information about how we make moving from NJ to CA simple for you, call Gibraltar Van Lines at (800) 262-3499.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Movers NJ

Moving can be a terribly stressful experience. Having to move all your possessions on your own or with a few friends can turn out to be impractical. Not to mention certain items can be very heavy and difficult to maneuver. Having NJ movers to help you get your stuff into a truck and on their way is exactly what you need. Gibraltar Van Lines, a licensed moving company in New Jersey, provides expert services performed with meticulous attention to detail and your satisfaction. With over 40 years of experience, our professional movers in NJ have helped residents with affordable local and long distance moves. Our affordable rates and careful considerations safely transport and unload your belongings so you can focus on other aspects of your move without worry. 

Our movers in NJ are very experienced and capable of working with moves of all sizes. It’s our duty to make sure your items get from point A to point B in the safest manner possible. We’d like you to give piece of mind during your move. We understand how difficult of a situation it can be. Whether it’s your first move or your twelfth, moving is usually frustrating. Our experienced movers in NJ look to relieve you of some "moving stress".

Your possessions are important to us. Making sure they’re handled in a way that maintains their integrity without damages is our priority. It’s the responsibility of our NJ movers to ensure that your items are unloaded in the same condition they were first picked up. Getting from one place to another without wear and tear is something one shouldn’t have to worry about during a move. Our trained movers understand and empathize with this, making sure to handle each item with the care it requires.

It’s also important to have experienced professionals on hand that know how to move and maneuver bigger, heavier items, whether it be a refrigerator or a sofa. These items are really difficult to move, and require lots of proper attention and know-how. Our expert movers in NJ have the experience necessary to know how to move all sorts of items big and small. We also harbor the necessary equipment to properly transport these items from one space to another.

Our affordable NJ movers make your move easier by performing the following services:
...and many more. From bedside tables to invaluable heirlooms, we make sure your possessions are transported with care and efficiency.

If you’re moving soon, and have any questions about what our licensed NJ movers offer please feel free to contact Gibraltar Van Lines at (973) 746-5700.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Piano Movers in NJ

Pianos require expert handling and care. You need professional piano movers in NJ who truly know what they’re doing, and have the experience to back it up. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we have moved pianos for many New Jersey residents. We use careful methods to package, load, unload, and put back together your beautiful instrument. So many pianos have more than a musical quality. Many are heirlooms passed down by family members, a piece with memories and personal value. When our licensed moving company is called to move a piano, we make sure to deliver your piano in the same condition we loaded it in. 

Our experienced piano movers in NJ know how to handle pianos that range from two-thousand pounds and up. It’s a very complicated job that needs to be executed with absolute care. It’s our duty to make sure your piano is delivered with attention to care. We prepare your piano to be moved using careful packing and cushion methods. Using a large array of materials, our professional NJ piano movers know how to protect your piano from incidents.

Now there are some pianos that can be moved as a whole, and others that need to be dismantled. We’ll assist with this process, and protect each piece so that they can be safely transported. We fasten down each piece in strategic places to make the move through stairs, elevators or whichever way is necessary. It’s the priority of Gibraltar Van Lines to make sure the integrity of the piano remains intact. From the strings inside to the keys out, each part is carefully assessed and cared for. We supply the necessary equipment to make sure each of these are properly cared for.

It doesn’t just take special equipment to move pianos, but brain and brawn as well. Our trained piano movers in NJ understand this, and perform these jobs with careful consideration paid to the type of piano, where it will be moved, and how to optimally get it there. Choose us, and we’ll make sure your piano stays as beautiful as the day it left the show floor. If moved incorrectly, damages can happen that are irreparable or can end up being very expensive to replace. With our affordable piano movers in NJ, you have accountability and true professionalism. Your pianos are as important to us as they are to you. It’s in our best interest to protect these beautiful instruments so that they retain their appeal, value, and beauty. Please contact us with any questions you might have, and we’ll be happy to work with you and your piano. 

We proudly serve residents of New Jersey with local and long distance piano moving, including the following areas:
For more information about our expert piano movers in NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at (973) 746-5700.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Moving From NJ to VA

New Jersey is known for many things. Luscious landscapes, sprawling cities, cultural diversity, artistic communities, job opportunities, gorgeous properties, rich history, and much more. Very few states in America have a shot to challenge Jersey at any of these things. Unless, of course, Virginia is in the conversation. When you are moving from NJ to VA, trust a company with over 30 years of licensed, dedicated experience. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we take pride in our commitment to your satisfaction and the safety of your belongings while in our possession. We provide packing and storage for customers who are transitioning into a move, helping where we can to make this time less-stressful on yourself. Our affordable rates and exceptional moving methods have made us a trusted NJ moving company, and we look forward to assisting each of our customers with prompt service and timely delivery.

The state is nicknamed “Old Dominion.” This is in reference to Virginia’s position within American history. Old Dominion is the first British colony on American soil. This makes it the hot spot for historical and patriotic enthusiasts alike. Add to this the state’s other nickname, the “Mother of Presidents.” Eight United States Presidents were born in Virginia. This includes the first ever President, George Washington, and the author of the “Declaration of Independence,” Thomas Jefferson. Other Presidents born in Virginia include Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson. A hotbed of American history, you will be immersed in living history when moving from NJ to VA. 

Of course, Virginia is known for more than its history. While Richmond, the state’s capital city, is rich in historical landmarks, monuments, and government buildings, it has much more to offer. First off, the city is absolutely gorgeous, bursting from the seams with energy, passion, amazing landscapes, and unique architecture. There are historical buildings aplenty, and you'll be amazed at how much has been preserved when moving from NJ to VA. Be sure to check out the Virginia State Capitol Building in Richmond. It houses the earliest established government office in the New World, the Virginia General Assembly set up in 1619.

Natural sights include the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. At these natural wonders, you’ll find more than stunning sights and sounds. You’ll get a glimpse into Virginia’s unmatched animal population. Many flora and fauna rest at these sights, including the very own Virginia deer. Deer are an animal no stranger to New Jersey residents. But these are a type you’ll only find in Old Dominion when moving from NJ to VA.

Before the London Company established the Colony of Virginia in 1607, the commonwealth’s rich history began with the Powhatan Indians. Virginia is a wonderful place that combines many of the features a lifelong resident of New Jersey would expect, with just enough unique features of its own to keep you comfortable in your new home. Find out today how you can make the trip to your new dominion.

For more information about moving from NJ to VA, contact Gibraltar Van Lines today at (800) 262-3499.

Friday, December 4, 2015

NJ Moving Company

There are numerous reasons why you might want to call an NJ moving company when you move. For one, we make moving a whole lot easier. Our team of professionals knows how to organize and execute your move in a way that protects all of your possessions, and gets them where they need to go in a timely manner. A licensed moving company, Gibraltar Van Lines has over 40 years of experience ensuring the safe transport of possessions. Our professionals are trained to handle the most delicate of heirlooms and antiques, pianos, and other objects that require attention to care during a move. When looking for a moving company in NJ that cares about your satisfaction and unloading belongings in the same condition they were loaded, choose Gibraltar Van Lines

Not only will we save you lots of time, and energy during what is surely a very stressful time, we’ll do it in a way that gives you peace of mind. Moving can be a very difficult time. Whether you’re just moving down the block or acclimating to a completely new state or environment. So making sure you’re getting all your things there in one peace is something you just don’t need to be worrying about. This is where our NJ moving company comes in. We’ll bring you’re the professional service that allows you to transition to your new life while lessening the added stress of moving.

One of the benefits of choosing our moving company in NJ is that you’ll condense all your moving costs! You won’t have to worry about paying for this here, and that there. We bring you everything you’ll need in a nice, concise package. We understand the importance of trusting moving companies in NJ, so we provide means to make the whole moving experience less stressful. Having to keep track of all your costs during a move can be a real headache. Being able to remove all the variables from the equation will definitely make your move a little lighter. Gibraltar Van Lines puts your satisfaction first, and we work hard to make sure your move occurs smoothly.

We know how moving works. We’re professionals, and we’ve made moves big and smalls numerous amounts of times. Our affordable moving company in NJ incorporates methods to make your move easy and efficient. If you’re planning to move anytime soon, we hate to see you go - but we’re ready to help you on your way. 

For more information about our NJ moving company, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at (973) 746-5700.