Thursday, January 28, 2016

Piano Movers in Essex County NJ

Pianos are not objects that require little attention, especially when they need to be moved. It takes the proper equipment, sensitivity, and know-how to get these magnificent instruments from one place to another. We love these instruments and that’s why we’re in the business that we are. We want to make sure your piano is properly taken care of and nothing happens to it. Our piano movers in Essex County NJ take great care with the handling, transporting, and unloading of your piano.

Gibraltar Van Lines has over 40 years experience transporting pianos, antiques, and delicate heirlooms for New Jersey residents moving locally and abroad. We ensure the safety of your piano by disassembling, packing, carefully loading and unloading, and promptly reassembling it in your new location. Our expert piano movers in Essex County NJ are passionate about your satisfaction and the condition of your piano, and we ensure that once your piano has been set up in your new home, it will look and sound as though it hadn't been moved at all. We have the experience and tools required to make sure your piano gets moved smoothly.

When hiring professional piano movers in Essex County NJ, what you’re really getting is peace of mind and security. These instruments can cost thousands of dollars on their own. They also require proper maintenance, repairs and tuning. So we understand the immense amount of time, money and work that has gone into these beautiful pieces. You’ll want to hire movers that are experienced in moving pianos and have the patience and knowledge to get them through any situation.

Piano moving can be a timely process, it’s true. It takes great patience to make sure a piano gets from its former home to its new one. Sometimes it takes moving it from a few floors up to another building that requires it to be a few floors up. While this can be a difficult task it’s one we know how to deal with and are prepared for. We can assure you we’ll go about this movement with the greatest efficiency possible. This means we’ll take the time required to move your piano in a way that will avoid any problems.

We’re experienced with pianos of all sizes, manufactures, weights and shapes. It takes a certain kind of education and training to make sure each piano is moved in a way that makes most sense for each specific make and model. Our team knows the ropes and how to properly fasten and transport these pianos so that any trying circumstances will be minimized. A certain type of dexterity and patience is needed when transporting these instruments and that’s something we cannot stress enough. That’s why it’s ideal to go with professional piano movers in Essex County NJ that know how to work with pianos specifically. 

We proudly serve tall Essex County New Jersey areas with our piano moving services, including:
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Moving to Florida From NJ

Are you moving to Florida from NJ? Even local moves rank as one of life's most stressful events. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we make weekly trips to Florida, and we know how to get there efficiently with your possessions safely in tow. Our professional movers take great  care to ensure that your belongings arrive in the Sunshine State in the same condition as packed. We use protective measures and packing methods to safely cushion your furniture, antiques, prized possessions, and instruments. If your moving to Florida from NJ, let our expert movers handle the packing and transporting. Leaving you to focus on new beginnings, new experiences, and of course, your new tan.

Florida is a wonderful state. You’ve grown up in New Jersey, and you’re quite familiar with the moniker: The Garden State. It’s true that Jersey has one of the most diverse plant and animal populations on the planet. But consider the nickname of Florida for a moment: The Sunshine State. What good is a garden if you’re not under the sun? In Florida, there’s a sun high in the sky at all times.

Maybe your knowledge of Florida is limited to the oranges and orange juice you enjoy. That’s fine. Or perhaps you imagine Disney World, Universal Studios, or Miami Beach. There’s a lot to enjoy in America’s southernmost state that spills into the Caribbean. And much of this offsets what you already love about NJ.

The beaches and theme parks were mentioned above. Any New Jersey resident has fond memories of the Jersey shore and the boardwalk that stretches along the Atlantic. Residents moving to Florida from NJ will find that Florida’s beach scene and nightlight is second to none. There’s no wonder why residents of tropical islands flock to FL. The location captures the exotic feel of many far-off places, whilst retaining everything that makes America great.

Also consider the birds that flock to Florida every year. Whether you’re going down south for your retirement and the second half of your life, or as a young, passionate graduate looking to start a new life, Florida will feel as if it’s been your home forever. There’s no question why so many residents are moving to Florida from NJ. The location itself is as welcoming as the people. And for diversity, you can enjoy the sand of Miami or the swaps in Fort Lauderdale. Visit NASA and Disney. Or take a cruise to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, already in your backyard. In short, the Sunshine State has already opened its door to you. Enjoy your new life.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Long Distance Moving Companies NJ

Scouring the internet trying to choose between the many long distance moving companies in NJ? Picking up and moving to a new location is never easy. This is especially true when you’re making the jump several cities, or even states, away from home. Your concerns drift to missing the family and friends you have in your present location. But what’s bothering you more is that you have so much stuff, more than you ever remembered buying. How are you going to transport all of it to your new place? Of all the long distance moving companies in NJ, which should you trust?

Gibraltar Van Lines is a fully-licensed long distance moving company at service to transport your belongings across the US. We never sub-contract our movers, meaning you can expect quality moving services no matter where you're moving to. Our professional movers use careful packing and loading measures to make sure your belongings are handled, transported, and unloaded with care and safety in mind. 

In recent years, trusting long distance moving companies in NJ has become a difficult thing to do. Unlicensed companies have damaged the industry's reputation, and NJ residents have been rightfully worried about leaving their possessions in the hands of fraudulent moving companies. We are fully-licensed and have an established name within NJ. Gibraltar Van Lines stands against fraudulent moving companies by offering affordable prices and staying committed to your satisfaction. Our team strives to make your move less stressful for you, and we rely on our expertise and professionalism to pave the way.

We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting so you can go about planning your new life. Moving is our specialty, but more than that, we consider our work helping others build or regain their lives in a new home. Nothing brings us more happiness than setting up another happy customer to sleep comfortably in their new bed.

We can handle the packing, sorting, lifting, and traveling. Yep, that’s right. We’ll do all of the moving for you if you so wish. And you don’t need to rent U-Haul trucks or beg relatives to help you move. Our team is your team. We’ll move everything out and away from your eyes. All you have to do is focus on getting to your new home. When choosing between long distance moving companies in NJ, make sure you choose one that has the experience to back up their claims. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we've proudly assisted NJ residents with their moves for over 40 years, and look forward to assisting you during this significant life change.

One of the biggest problems many movers have is heavy furniture or delicate electronics. Nothing is too big or intricate for us. More than move it into our truck, we’ll also tuck it away from any dangers. If not packed properly, TVs, mirrors, sound systems, and even couches can break on the trip. We’ll make sure everything is safe as it travels with us to your new home.

We can even help you unpack and get settled in when you arrive. Whatever you need to move into your long distance location is our service. Your Call us today and stop worrying over the details. We got the move covered.

Your search for long distance moving companies in NJ is over! Call Gibraltar Van Lines for a moving estimate or to schedule your move at (800) 262-3499.